Walking down the sidewalk with a friend and talking about deodorant (“It’s so terrible…sometimes I look down and see white stripes on the front of my shirt, and I’m like, ‘What!’ย And then I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s from when I put deodorant on this morning!!!”), and then realizing that a random guy was riding his bike on the road beside you…within hearing distance.

Leaning inside the trunk of the car to get groceries and having the trunk shut on your head. O.o

A plumber coming over to fix the squealing toilet, and me walking into the kitchen to hear mom saying (in the presence of the aforementioned plumber), “So, Katie, he fixed the toilet!! Have you tried it out yet?” Actually, no…I hadn’t…

Hearing siblings playing “Would You Rather” at lunch. “Would you rather have elbows the size of basketballs or knees the size of basketballs?” “Would you rather smell like sewer or skunk spray?” “Would you rather do jumping jacks for an hour or listen to Riley sing for an hour?” (I’d choose the jumping jacks.)

Attempting to carry metal shelving up a friend’s basement stairs…and the shelf bending in half before you’ve even carried it three feet away.

Falling down the basement stairs while carrying an armload of pens and papers, and landing with an unladylike thump at the bottom. And then laughing for a whole minute at how stupid you must have looked.

These pics…
IMG_0535 IMG_0651

Ending a call with someone on the phone and almost saying “In Jesus Name, Amen” instead of “Goodbye.” People, sometimes I make myself turn red at the things I almost do.

Standing in the lawn at church and having your thin heels sink into the grass.

Sending hilarious, dorky pictures of my brother to my friend…and finding out later that I typed in the wrong email address and sent them to a random person I don’t even know!!

Watching your older sister’s wedding video: Abby, “Wait a minute, why did you just rewind that?” Me, “Um…’cause I wanted to watch the kissing part over again…”

Emailing my writing coach the compilation of quotes she asked for and saying, “Behold, my quote collection!!!” And forgetting to add the quotes attachment. Behold, here they are! Oh, never mind, I decided not to send them after all…

My brother’s quote: “I ate so many Cheez-Its that I got cheese-zits!!!”

Playing “Bean-Boozled” with siblings, and almost throwing up on “Canned Dog Food.” (Those faces, though…)


Even my toothbrush tasted like

Even my toothbrush tasted like “Canned Dog Food” for a while.

Going up to a guy at a college visitation day after hearing that he was from Newton, Kansas, wanting to know if he knew any of my family/friends from that area. So I’m standing there saying, “Yeah, so I know some of the Busenitz’s, and their names are…their names are…oh, man, I forgot!! Their names are…oh, let me think…” And the guy is standing there the whole time trying to figure out whether to laugh or just walk away.

Trying not to say “Oww!” every time I wipe my nose (sinus infection here, folks!), because there’s a zit inside my left nostril.

Having to stop a fourth grader from chewing on her toenails during the Awana Bible lesson time.

A smoothie with inch-long splinters in it.


A smoothie withoutย inch-long splinters in it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Getting to go over to your best friend’s house and having a discussion with her family about the Trinity. ๐Ÿ™‚

Having random conversations with old people in Dillard’s. ๐Ÿ™‚

Having inside jokes with my two-year-old brother. Me: “Pabalee-bee, Henry?” Henry: “Pabalee! Pabalee!” (Don’t ask.)

Convincing the aforementioned little brother that my lips are broken whenever I whistle.

Writing back and forth with an amazing pen pal named Sandie.

My cousins and my friends. They’re all just so cool! I mean, how did I get blessed with friends like mine?


We’re just so…so…I don’t know what we are.

Having a Bible study with Danielle. We have those seriously awesome talks that could last for hours if we let them.

Going out for ice cream with my younger bro (who everyone thinks is my older bro, since he’s, like, five feet taller than me…okay, not really), and the lady at the counter thinking we’re boyfriend and girlfriend. It was hilarious. (She found out that we were siblings when Brady made me pay for my own ice cream).

Odyssey Adventure Club. ALL of their episodes for FREE, at any time. Well, as long as you have Wi-Fi.

Gray clouds and cold days.

Watching War Room with friends. That movie is amazing!

Getting to see Beyond the Mask!!!!!!!! Finally, one more item crossed off my list of awesome movies to see.

Racing down a dirt road on horseback with my wonderful cousin. ๐Ÿ™‚

Getting to see the Blue Angels perform this summer. (Click on the picture and find the airplane)

Creating my own font…


And this little cutie right here:

Taking a family picture at the Bean in Chicago and having a girl walk right in front of us. Her friends were yelling at her to get out of the way of our camera (which was balanced precariously on our stroller in front of us, with the timer about to go off), and she didn’t notice till too late…
Lady, whoever you are, thank you. You totally made our night!! Seriously, is that not the most hilarious picture ever?!

Now I’ll leave you with this creepy picture of me to remember me by. You may now go about your daily lives once more. Do try not to get into as many awkward situations as I seem to.