Just sayin’, life is so much better when you have random conversations in random stores with random people you don’t even know!

Danielle and I were just entering a store in Grand Island when we heard a voice behind us: “Good grief, these doors don’t even have those push button things on them! How’s a guy supposed to open a door without a push button?”

I tried not to laugh at the old couple behind us, but I couldn’t help smiling a little. The old guy looked kinda spunky, and he reminded me of my Grandpa Bergen.

“Maaaaan, I’m in the mood for ice cream right now!” he continued, fully aware of the fact that we were listening. “Do you think they sell ice cream in here somewhere?”

“You know what,” I said, knowing that Dillard’s didn’t sell food of any sort, “if you find ice cream in this store, I’ll pay for it!”

He just laughed. “Say, did you drive here yourself?”

I knew what was coming. “Yes, I did!”

“I’m sorry, but you look like you’re only…”

“Twelve? That’s okay, that’s what everyone thinks.”

He grinned smugly. “was going to say thirteen.” His wife rolled her eyes and smacked his arm.

“Oh, sure you did!” I teased. “No, I’m really seventeen. Almost eighteen.”

His eyebrows rose so high they almost disappeared in his hair (which is saying something, considering the fact that he hardly had any hair to speak of).

“Guess how old I am!” Danielle said.

The old man stopped right in the middle of the aisle and said, “Hmm…turn toward me so I can see you. Let’s see…um, fifteen or sixteen?”

Danielle was surprised. “Wow, most people think I’ve already graduated by now.” (Hah, serves her right for all the times people have thought I was her little sister!)

Suddenly I thought of a stupid hilarious idea. “Here, let me guess your age!” I said. (He was so shocked that his jaw nearly dropped to the ground, but he was a good sport, so he played along.) I put my hands on my hips. “Let’s see…turn toward me so I can see you. Hmm, okay. I would sayyyyyy…upper thirties?”

He guffawed. “Oh, get outta here! No, wait…now guess my wife’s age!”

It was shortly after this that we parted ways for good.

Although I must say…if Dillard’s would’ve had ice cream, I would have bought him some. He deserved it.