Guess what?

My little brother’s pretty cute! And funny. And silly. And strange. And ticklish. (*ahem* All Bergens are ticklish. If you ain’t ticklish, you ain’t a Bergen! It’s one of those family traits that gets passed down from generation to generation.)

Anyway, since I haven’t posted about Henry since…well, since who-knows-when, I figured maybe it’s about time. Especially since he’s so cute and funny and silly and strange. And ticklish.

Here is a rather strange conversation I overheard between Henry and Abby:

Abby: “Say ‘flower’.”

Henry: “Burp.”

Abby: “Um, say ‘eye’.”

Henry: “Burp.”

Abby: “No, say ‘eye’! Oh well, instead say ‘one’.”

Henry: “Burp.”

Abby: “No, one. How old are you?”

Henry: “Book.”

Abby: “How old are you?”

Henry: “Mun.” (This is how he says “one”.)

Abby: “Good job!” [burps] “Henry, what did I just do ?”

Henry: “Burp.”

Abby: “Soooo…what’s your name?”

Henry: “Where is it?”

And speaking of Henry’s name, in Henry’s own words, where is it?

Why, if his real name is Henry, do we call him things like Alice, Al Capone, Pristopher (like Christopher, only with a “P”), Hank/Hankub, Manny, Toosun, Honey Bunches, Lanitoba (like Manitoba, only with an “L”), Henna, Bubs, Tippers, Tapone, Kip/Tip, Doodles, Alphonso, Hyin, Bithitoe, Al-bithitoe-balooey-gigawagater (yes, some of us ACTUALLY call him that!), Popeye, York/Yorkie, Birdie, Puggles, Pudgibalooey and BAD-BOY!?

Henry’s favorite words are Birdie, Car, and No! Birdie sounds like “Bir-DEH.” We have a nest of two robins (and their babies) on our front porch, so he says bir-DEH quite frequently. We live right on the highway, so he also gets to say “car” just as often as bir-DEH. And *ahem* he likes to use “No” whenever possible too.

He’s also a fan of this sign:

Henry likes to laugh at himself. He probably got that talent from me. I laugh at myself a lot too. Only I do it because I think I’m so dumb, and he does it because he thinks he’s so smart. 😉 Big difference…the main difference being that he’s incredibly cute when he laughs at himself. No forehead-smacking or sick-seal-guffaws…more like a nose-wrinkle, a few giggles, and a hiding of his cute little face behind his two tiny hands. Sometimes he’ll rock back and forth and squeeze his eyes shut if he’s feeling especially silly. *ahem* Of course, the eyes don’t stay shut for long…soon they’re squinting open as he looks around the room to find out who all is admiring his little show.

This is my little bro:

Why is it that kids always wear the shoes of the people they love best? [Those shoes are mine…] 😀


Poor guy–can’t quite fit his little self in Fisher Price’s Little Mart! Close enough though, right?


Better watch your backs [and necks] around this little man!


“I don’t smile for cameras.”


First haircut. Yes, even big guys like you need trimming now and then!


I think he was supposed to be a shepherd [with no sheep]. Or maybe Joseph [with no Mary]. Or maybe he was just being Henry.


Cute, huh? Actually, that last one isn’t Henry. That’s Riley. Even I don’t believe how much they look alike — at least what Riley looks like in this picture and what Henry looks like now. Up there, Riley’s feet looked exactly like Henry’s do now, and their hands and eyes and mischievous grins are almost identical. Besides, just like Riley, Henry is the type of guy who would spill all the animal crackers out of the bag, stuff some in his mouth, and then get all cute and smiley when you find him… 😉 Haha!

Most of the kids in the Craig and Esther Bergen family have been early talkers and late walkers. Maybe Henry wasn’t an early walker compared to some other kids, but compared to ours…he was. And he’s a late talker. Colby was saying words like “Inconceivable” by the time he was one and a half — okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration — and Henry’s biggest word is probably something like “Burp.” But that’s okay, he’s still pretty cute anyway.

He calls me Tee-tee, for Katie, or sometimes Tate, for Kate. When Mom brings him to my room to wake me up in the mornings, Henry will say a long, drawn-out, “Teeeeeeee-teeeeeeee,” just like he hears Mom saying, “Kaaaaaaaa-tieeeeeeee.”

He calls Brady “Bruder,” for brother.

Riley is “Yee-yee.”

Colby is “Co-co.”

Abby is “Bab-buh.”

Brittany is “Bit,” for Brit.

And his own name is just, “Yen-yee.” Or something like that.

At church, when Mitchell (my brother-in-law, who is leading singing this month) directs the congregation with his hand, Henry starts waving his hand too. And once as the choir finished a beautiful, energetic number, he yelled, “Yaaaaaaaay!” and clapped his hands for us.

Yes, he’s slightly adorable.

When he’s not crying, that is.

And, er…speaking of crying… Perhaps I should get off the computer and go put dear little Hank to bed.