So, the last time I did a friend survey on my blog, it was a lot of fun! And I found out a lot of cool [and weird] things about all of you that I would never have known otherwise.

As we did last time, I’ll have you help me with thinking up some questions. You can ask wacky questions, unheard of questions, or just normal questions, as long as they are appropriate.

Here are the instructions from my last Friend Survey post when I was explaining how to go about this:

You can email me at with the questions that you’ve always dreamed of asking someone. Or even those you haven’t dreamed of asking someone.

NOTE: Please EMAIL me your questions…don’t leave them in the comments below. We want these random questions to be a surprise!

ANOTHER NOTE: There are two requirements for your questions…

1) The question must be appropriate, and

2) it must be something that anyone can answer.

And three more suggestions:

1) Feel free to make it as funny as you want. The stranger, the better!

2) It doesn’t have to be a question that you answer “Yes” or “No” to. It can be a question that provokes much thought. But if it’s not, that’s fine too. Sometimes I like the questions that I can answer in a split-second.

3) You can give me anywhere from 1 to 10 questions…I’m always open for more, though I may not be able to use all of them.

If I were you, I would take advantage of this! After all, it’s not often that I want to be bombarded with questions! *smile*

During the week I’ll compile our questions into an inspiring blog post, and by next Monday I’ll [try to] have it ready to post! Then you can all come back and answer the questions.

[Say, this might work out after all!]

ONE LAST NOTE: I’ll be answering the questions too. So while I’m laughing at your answers, you can laugh at mine. And we can call each other even.

Thanks for your help!

This oughta be a lot of fun!!! 🙂