I don’t know about you, but around our house, we get quite a few funny quotes, mainly from the “youngers”. (As in, Brady, Abby, Riley, Colby. Although I’m sure Brady wouldn’t exactly appreciate being lumped in with the youngers.)

Anyways, recently I’ve been writing the quotes down so that I could share them with you. I’ve actually thought about doing a monthly post featuring the various quotes from various family members. (Kind of like I’ve thought about doing a monthly post about “Kate’s Latest Kitchen Escapades”, since some sort of accident happens every time I make something. Except doing a monthly post about my latest kitchen escapades would mean that I would have to cook something at least every month. Ha! I’m not so sure about that.)

Well, back to my wanting to do a monthly “Quotes” post. The problem with that is that most of our quotes or funny sayings come from inside jokes that you wouldn’t get, and that would take years to explain in a way that would make you realize they are funny, and that we aren’t lunatics for laughing so hard we see pink.

(Have you ever laughed so hard that you see pink? I haven’t either. But it sounds creative and interesting.)

So. I’ll share the ones that make some sense.

Oh, and one side note. If I ever get around to doing another “Quotes” post, my family doesn’t have to be the only one that gets quoted. Let’s make ourselves a deal. If you say (or write) something to me funny enough to make me laugh so hard I’ll see pink, you can be featured on my “Quotes” posts. For free.



Colby: I want to be a dolphin when I grow up!
Riley: And I want to be a killer whale when I grow up so I can eat you!
Colby: Oh. I want to be a collar whale, too.


Riley: (While doing school) Mom, I need help!
Mom: Riley, I know you don’t understand this, but I need to get some work done, too. You get done as much as you can by yourself, and then…
Riley: But Mom, I need HELP!
Mom: Not right now.
Riley: What!? How can you shut your own son out of your heart? How can you NOT help your own son when he needs help?
Mom: Riley…
Riley: Mom, the love of God does not abide in you.


Anonymous: “Hey, you’re kind of crabby today. What’d you do, wake up under the bed?”


Brady, after seeing a fake sunflower fastened in Brittany’s braid: “It looks like you had a tumble in a dandelion field!” (I’m sure he meant that as a compliment.)


Brady, after seeing Riley give Henry a juicy, prolonged kiss: “Ew! Mom, did you see that?! Riley just slimed your son!”


Riley, holding Henry up above his shoulders: “Look, Henry sticks out like a sore thumb!” Then, shifting Henry back down: “Look, now he sticks in like a bellybutton!”

Yup. Pretty much.