I have an amazing older sister!

(Yes, this is really me writing.)

She snores, and she steals the covers, and she whistles off key [I’m like the pot calling the kettle black, here]. But if you really get down to the core, Brittany is not an ordinary seventeen, almost-eighteen-year-old girl. She is the type that I would call “young adult” instead of “teenager.” That is a GOOD thing, if you look at the way a lot of America’s teenagers are acting today. The word teenager reminds me of the words “immature”, “rebellious,” and “rude”, just to name a few. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone; just telling you what I think of. I’m a teenager myself, you know…in age, not in deed, I hope.

Now, this post does have a subject, so let’s get back to it. If I was to list all the wonderful things about Brittany that I could think of, this would be one looooooooong blog post.

I’m not being sarcastic, even though you might have been thinking so. And this isn’t to get me out of the hole I just dug myself into a few minutes ago. (Brittany doesn’t even know about that one yet. Neither do you…but you will if you click right here.)

Now, if you clicked that, you found yourself at my sister’s blog. I hope you read all the way to the end. If you didn’t, you might want to. Otherwise this tribute might not make sense.

But all foolishness aside, here are some of my reasons that I’m glad for a sister like her.

  • She never complains. Everything is done with a cheerful attitude.
  • She has amazing patience with younger siblings, which I admit is often needed at our house…especially when it comes to music practice time with some of the young not-so-enthusiastic violin players. Or with crazy brothers full of caffeine who like to bounce down the aisles of TJ Maxx like a kangaroo on sugar high.
  • She always has a smile, even if she is called to do something that she doesn’t feel like doing. Even when she is tired, she’s the one that exhorts the rest of us and gets things done.
  • She helps out without being asked. With a smile.
  • She reaches out to other people.
  • She doesn’t even need words to witness to people…they see it in her actions.
  • She respects those in authority.
  • She likes to learn new things.
  • She fills her “toolbox” with tools that can be used to further Christ’s kingdom.
  • She’s full of fun and loves actions games like Capture the Flag, Jail House, or Tree Tag, but she can also sit still and play a game of Uno or Dutch Blitz. Not that you’re sitting still while playing Dutch Blitz.
  • She is someone that can be looked up to, even by those who are older than her. She is capable of leading the rest of us, but she can step back and let someone else shepherd the flock when needed.
  • She puts her whole heart into violin, and is wonderful at it. She takes time to carefully teach the younger kids the correct bow hold, down bows, rests, shift, vibrato, quarter notes, and all that other musical mumbo jumbo.
  • She is diligent. What more needs to be said?
  • She looks for ways to help people and makes herself available.
  • She is kind to people of all ages.
  • She is good at holding a conversation, not necessarily because she is a natural at it — though I’m certainly not saying she’s not a natural — but because she knows the importance of being able to hold a good conversation.
  • She is not selfish.
  • She is the one who says hi to the new person at church, invites them to Sunday School, and tries to help them feel at ease.
  • She has a wonderful relationship with Christ. Every morning when I wake up she is reading her Bible or praying. She takes notes in church instead of drawing pictures or shading the words on the bulletin.
  • She serves.
  • She serves.
  • She serves.
  • She serves…or have I already done this one?

And there are plenty more I could write down, but it’s already getting later than I meant to be on here. As it is, I hope you’ve gleaned the knowledge from this post that I have the BEST wonderful sister ever!

And it’s not just because I hacked into her blog and need forgiveness.