First of all, I want to say two things.

1) Yes, I know it isn’t Christmas.

2) I already have my two front teeth.

Well, if I have my two front teeth and I know that it isn’t Christmas, why on earth is this post called “All I Want for Christmas”?


About four or five years ago, my sister and I wanted a puppy for Christmas. We had a big yard now (we had moved to Nebraska from Illinois, where we had had a very small place with no room for a dog), and we were old enough to take care of a little puppy. [Or so we thought].

Anyways, we thought it might be a good thing to write notes to Dad, asking him for a puppy, even if it was the only thing he got us for Christmas that year. That was pretty sacrificial of us, you know. 😉

We did write those notes, and Dad read them. He must have thought they were rather funny, because he told practically everyone about them. Finally I got so upset that he didn’t seem to be taking us seriously that I ripped up my note and threw it away.


About two weeks ago, I got to thinking about those notes and decided to look for them. Well, to look for my sister’s note, that is, because I had already thrown mine away.

I found them (yes, I found two of them, not just one…) in the top drawer of Dad’s nightstand. I opened one of them up and found my handwriting. Yes, my handwriting.


I hope that other piece of paper — that I had thought was my note — wasn’t too terribly important. Because if it was, it is now looooooooong gone, with no chance of ever getting it back again. Heh heh. Oops.

Well, as it was, I read both notes to several of my family members and some relatives that were over that day, and we all had a good laugh.

Brittany’s was short, simple, and straight to the point.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I know we probably couldn’t, but I know that we all want a dog, and I know that we wouldn’t mind if all we got for Christmas from you was a dog. (Just to give you some idea!)
P.S. Of course it’s your decision, because I don’t know how much money we have, and we would have to talk it over. 🙂

Mine was a tad bit longer, a little more elaborate, and might have had some flattery mixed in. And, just so you know, the spelling isn’t exactly correct, so remember that it was years ago that I wrote this. 🙂

Dear Dad, and mom
I know we couldnt have dog’s at our old house cause we went on to many trips. I did not mind than but now that we’re realy hear in Nebraska and have more space I’ve thought more about it. Thankyou for being such a nice dad, Maby I haven’t showed it very well but I love you all the way around the world and back again. As I said before I think about it a lot and I (and the others) want a dog even if it’s the only thing I get for Chrismas. You realy, realy, realy don’t have to but thats on my Christmas list.
Your loving daughter

Right now I am looking out the window at our “puppy”. She’s a Saint Bernard named Trixie, and she weighs a little over 100 pounds now.

No, we didn’t get her for a Christmas present that year. After all, Dad “realy realy realy didnt have to”. Instead, we got her a summer or two later, and I’m glad we waited. She’s been the best dog we ever could have had. Except that she kinda slobbers, and when you pet her, her hair comes out all over your jeans.

But, other then that, I consider my note well worth being written.

And I’m sure Dad enjoyed the flattery while it lasted.