It was the second day that Henry had been home.

Grandma Juzyk came over to ooh and aah over him, and to watch while I tried to burp him.

[Did you catch the tried to part?]

Well, it was like this. Henry — only being several days old — wasn’t strong enough to hold his head up yet, and I was having more than a bit of trouble holding him up with one hand so that I could pat his back with the other.

I tried holding him up against my shoulder, but he sagged too easily.

So I tried sitting him on my lap, holding his chest so that he wouldn’t fall forward. He decided to fall backwards instead.

Next, I tried leaning him against me while I held underneath his chin, but it was a very awkward position. It’s kinda hard to pat his back when he’s leaning backwards against me, if you know what I mean.

Grandma was watching me the whole time [get ready…here’s our quote of the month], and she laughed and said, “It’s sort of like burping a spaghetti!”

Like burping a spaghetti???

Interesting analogy.

But it works. 🙂