Henry’s home!!!

(Actually, he’s been home for a couple of days now…I was so busy enjoying him that I never got around to posting about it. 😉 )

He was released from the hospital earlier than we thought he might be, because the doctors saw that he was doing really well. So thanks to all of you who have been praying for him!

All of us are having the time of our lives getting to spoil this little guy. Mom actually had to ban us from holding him for a while because she was afraid that Henry would get so used to being held that he wouldn’t ever go to sleep all by himself.


I am on my way to becoming a professional baby hog.

Just kidding.

I bet you thought I was serious! 😉 It’s actually my little sister who hogs him. But at least it makes her get up really early in the morning so that she can get her school done before the rest of us…which means that she gets to hold him all morning while the rest of us slave away at boring algebra problems and confusing grammar questions.


There’s Abby and little Henry. We had bets going (not really) on which one of us kids would get to hold the baby first. Abby won. [Of course]


That was the second day in the hospital, right before he came home.


Right after he got home, we set the car-seat in the living room, and we all just looked and looked and looked. Then we remembered that we could look at him the same time as we held him, and he hasn’t been in that car-seat since.


Henry has a nice long fringe of hair on his neck. We admire that fringe almost as much as we admire his nose and ears.


There he is with one eye opened. For the first couple of days, he kept both eyes screwed shut, but today he’s been looking around a bit. And, if I may say so, he looks even cuter with his eyes open…if that is possible for him to look cuter than he already does. 🙂

So there you are.

You now have some pictures, with each one being worth 1,000 words. But even 1,000 of my flattering words could not possibly describe our little Henry any more than the pictures can tell you how cute and lovable he is.

Because the only way you can truly see his adorableness is if you saw him in real life. So stop by sometime. We’d love to have ya!

P.S. I’ll probably be posting a lot in the next few days. And you’ll be able to thank Henry for most of the posts, too. 😉