Can you tell from all of the exclamation marks that I AM EXCITED?!?!?!?! (And here’s just a few more exclamation marks for good measure: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Well, from the title of this post, I’m sure you’ve already guessed that the waiting is now over! We now have ourselves a little brother!!! (Not enough exclamation marks, I know.)

Our new little brother is by far the cutest, most adorable baby I have ever seen in my whole entire life! Call me prejudiced, but it’s true. Actually, don’t call me prejudiced…because you’ll be condemning yourself when you see pictures. Not that I have any on this computer to share with you. But I will get some.

Let me go on to say that Henry is the cutest, most adorable baby I have ever seen! But wait a minute, does that sound familiar? Oh yeah. That’s the way I started out the last paragraph.

Let me go further to say that he has the cutest nose I’ve ever seen. No, really. You don’t have to laugh about that. It is positively true, and you will know what I mean when you see pictures. His ears remind me of elf ears (not that they’re pointed or anything, just that they’re small and really cute…) and he has long, dark hair that curls on his neck. My little sister says that he has curly hair, but I’m not sure if he actually does or not; it might have been the after-effects of it having been washed recently.

All six of us kids went to visit him and Mom and Dad in the hospital late this afternoon (I am writing this on Monday, September 16), and it was amazing to see our little brother for the very first time. It was kind of hard to believe that he was actually my brother, and not someone else’s baby.

Although from everything I’ve said so far makes it sound like all is going fine and dandy, it isn’t quite that way. Henry is being closely monitored right now on his heart rate and his intake of oxygen, because he was having a hard time with both of those when he was born. He and Mom will both be in the hospital for tonight and tomorrow night so that the doctor can keep an eye on how he is doing. Hopefully it will be okay and Henry will be able to come home in a couple of days, but we ask for prayer that all will go smoothly.

For those of you who want some specific measurements, Henry is 8 lbs, 4 oz, and he is 21 1/2 inches long. His hair is really, really dark, but I’m not sure what color his eyes are. We never saw them opened when we were at the hospital. But Mom says he has really cute eyes. 😉 Imagine that.

Also for those of you who were wondering, Mom is doing fine. She’s recovering pretty well, but could definitely use some sleep. 🙂

And now I guess that I should go and try to sleep before I get to wound up at the thought of having Henry back home to hold and love. None of us, except for Mom and maybe Dad, have gotten to hold him yet because Henry isn’t supposed to be too active for the time being. So I am looking forward to having him all to myself (and the five other kids that will be vying for his attention) in a couple of days.

And then — trust me — you will have pictures!