Dear Readers,

I would like to inform you that I am now an author. I’ve written a book, and it is now for sale on Amazon. My name is written on the spine of my book, and I look at it every hour or so to prove to myself that it is real. I am an author.

Of course, I cannot boast about this courageous feat. It is self-published, which means that I didn’t have a professional editor (or three) to go over my book and smooth over my mistakes. My book is written in my own words, my own way. Which may or may not be a good thing. I will have grammatical errors and typos, and the historical events may or may not be accurate.

But I am an author, and my name is written on the spine of my book. And I get exactly one dollar and two cents for every copy that is sold. But don’t worry…I don’t write books for a living. If I did, I’d be doomed. $1.02 a year isn’t exactly my dream salary.

But I’m an author, so it doesn’t matter. I won’t be famous, by any means. Not that fame matters. 

One thing that does matter to me is this: that Christ gets the glory for anything good in my book. And that He doesn’t get the blame for anything bad in it. 

Every writer has a story behind their book. Here’s mine.

The main character’s name is Catherine. Her twin sister’s name is Jenny, and her two younger sisters’ names are Annabelle and Abigail. Catherine is named after me. (Of course.) Jenny is named after my cousin Jenna; Annabelle after my cousin Anna; and Abigail after…well, after my sister Abigail. 

I’ve always wanted to be the main character in a book. And since I didn’t want it to be entirely obvious that I wanted to make myself famous, I changed my name [slightly]. And it wasn’t totally my own idea, either. My cousin Jenna, who has also wanted to be the main character in a book (which she isn’t…she’s the second main character, if there is such a thing) decided that the only way she could be in one was to persuade me that I needed to write a book about her, myself, and our two younger sisters.

So I did.

Two hundred and forty-four pages later, Jenna, Abby, Anna, and I were the famous main characters in my not-so-famous book. Main characters who lived way back in the 1800s. Main characters who get mixed up in the Underground Railroad. Main characters who have a father that owns slaves and a governess who…well, let’s just say this governess has a lot of secrets. 

In a way, through writing this book, I’ve traveled back through not-so-accurate history to the nineteenth century to watch a fourteen-year-old girl and her three sisters find the real meaning of life in the middle of the haunting mysteries of the Underground Railroad.

If I were an ad on TV, I would say something like this. [Read in a sing-song reporter’s voice].

“Trouble at Oakwood View, the intriguing story of a fourteen-year-old girl seeking the meaning of life and love in the midst of the trials of the Civil War days, is coming soon to your nearest bookstore. Get your copy today.”

But I’ll spare you the boring TV dialogue to say this: “Trouble at Oakwood View is here, right now, on your nearest Amazon page. Google ‘Trouble at Oakwood View by Kaitlyn Bergen’ and get your copy today. Actually, more like in two weeks.”

Anyways, my dear readers, I felt obligated to drop the latest news. And to prove to you that I’m not bluffing, click right here…or here…or here. Either way, you see the same thing. 

Yours Truly,

Kaitlyn M. Bergen, Author