Yes, we’re back!

I know, it’s so exciting, I just don’t have words to…

Wait a minute…what? Did I hear you say that you hadn’t even known that I was gone?!?!

Why, that’s perfectly dreadful! I just assumed that anyone with a lick of sense would realize that Kaitlyn M. Bergen never misses a chance to write on her blog. And she especially wouldn’t wait for two whole weeks before finding something interesting to post about. Life in the Bergen household — as you should all know — can be a bit rowdy, sometimes rambunctious, and always a bit interesting. Sometimes you have to look a bit further than normal for that little bit of interestingness, but you can always find it.

Therefore, the only assumption you could possibly make is that I was gone and couldn’t spare the time to write.

So I assumed that you would assume that I would assume that you wouldn’t mind so terribly if I put my blog off for a while until I got back from vacation. After all, vacations are so full of scrambling wildly here and there around the countryside, trying to fit all of those wonderful activities into several small days, that one really doesn’t have time for much else. At least, that’s how my vacations are.

They say that a vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.

Not so.

I had plenty to occupy my mind while we were on vacation, and I only had time to read four and a half books the whole time we were gone.

These are some of the things that kept my mind away from my dreams and books:

My second-ever driving experience on the highway on the way to Branson, Missouri. Up hills, down hills, over hills, around hills, under hills…that was my second-ever driving experience on the highway.

My first-ever wake boarding experience, and a eight-hour long day out on the lake. With no sun. And no tan.

Two and a half days spent at Branson’s Silver Dollar City.

Six rides in a row on the crazy Outlaw Run, the second fastest wooden roller coaster in the world, and the only one with three upside-down loops in it. Yeah, we rode it. Six times in a row.

One ride on WildFire, one on Thunderation, and one on Powder Keg.

Two rides on the Electro-Spin.

One on the little tea cup ride. Don’t ask me why. We got that little cup spinning like crazy, but it was rather embarrassing when we were the only tea cup spinning five minutes after the ride turned off.

Lighting fireworks on the 4th of July, and blowing up a crawdad tied to a bottle rocket. After first dumping the crawdad into a friend’s lap. I think her dramatic screams hurt my ears than the dynamite we used to blow up one of Grandma Bergen’s trees.

Yes, we used dynamite to blow up an old dead tree in Grandma’s yard. We designated the 5th of July to be our day for blowing up all of the left-over fireworks that hadn’t gotten lit off the night before. If dynamite counts as a firework, then we were being completely legal, right?

I hope that you all think that we were being legal, because half of the people that read my blog were there when we blew the tree up. And you all loved it.

So there you go. Those few measly sentences up there hardly credit the absolutely wonderful time we had on vacation, but it will have to do.

Well, goodbye for now. I think I might go have a nap. There’s nothing like having a vacation from vacation.