Yesterday it was humid…so humid that you could have bottled up the air and sold it for drinking water. Or sneezed, and created a tornado. The clouds were building up into an awful, gray mass that looked…well…scary.

I love tornadoes. 

Yes…I know…I’m crazy. Even after the giant tornado that destroyed my aunt and uncle’s house and turned our lives upside-down for several months, I still like tornadoes. 

So I was sitting on our porch steps, chin in hands, staring up at the sky, and making bets with Riley to see which clouds would turn into a tornado first. I guessed the ominous gray ones towards the west, and Riley was sure the clouds towards the south would soon become tornado clouds.

Guess who was right?

Neither of us.

It never did turn into a tornado. But it felt like one.

As Riley and I were watching the clouds, the lightning began to flash more regularly and the thunder cracked so loudly it made me, a storm lover, jump in fright. Both of us could see that, through a layer of dark gray clouds, the sky was a strange light greenish-blue color. 

Strange, but beautiful. Later I heard Riley belting out the words to a song: “I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder; Thy power throughout the universe displayed.”

We were still sitting on the porch watching the lightning flash across the sky, when suddenly Riley pointed to the south where the sun was streaming through the clouds. “Look! God’s talking to someone!”


He explained that whenever he saw the sun spilling down through the clouds like that, he felt reminded of a Bible story where God was talking to someone. “…maybe Moses,” he said thoughtfully, but he wasn’t quite sure.

Then a crack of thunder shook the porch, and Riley said that the loud sound reminded him of when Jesus was being crucified and the Romans were whipping him.

We watched the beautiful weather for a bit longer, when suddenly a long streak of lightning zipped straight out of the sky and looked — from our point of view — like it had touched the ground.

I was inspired to ask Riley what lightning reminded him of.

“That? That reminds me of…God’s handwriting.”