Last Sunday a mass killing took place in the little, usually unordinary town of Aurora, Nebraska.

Victims were chased down sidewalks, and the shrieking of children could be heard close by. The captors seized their prey, laughing mercilessly as the sorry victims struggled under their grasp, writhing and twisting in a vain attempt to free themselves.

They were murdered in their own yard in the most gruesome way possible.

Seven of them were beheaded.

Why? Because they were who they were. The killers had a grudge against all seven of them, and not one was spared.

They tried in vain to hide, pressing back against the walls of a house, squeezing into small spaces, hoping they would not be seen. Several attempted to make a run for it, but were cut off and slaughtered before they had even gone ten feet.

So much was the grudge against these seven that there was a bounty for them. If one of these helpless victims was killed, the head cut off, and the body thrown into a brush pile, the killer would receive money.

Stains of blood were evident on the pavement, blood spilled from each of the seven martyrs.

There was word received a day later that three of them were still on the loose. Sights of them have been seen, but the killers have not been able to get their greedy hands on them. It is said that the murderers would chase them down for the sport of it, and not just for the money, although they are even more eager to kill for a prize.

I know, because I was one of the murderers.

I admit it, here and now. I will hide nothing.

They used to say that the only good Indian was a dead Indian. I disagree with this, so I made up my own version. The only good snake is a dead snake.

Yes, seven snakes were killed on Sunday, May 26, 2013. Their blood was spilled on the sidewalk as I beheaded each one with a shovel.

The bounty given was $1 a head.

The children that were shrieking in the second paragraph of this post were indeed shrieking, but not because they were afraid of the murderers. It was because they were afraid of the snakes that were slithering out of the siding of Grandma’s house.

And yes, I would kill a snake just because it’s a snake. I do have a very strong grudge against them.

And there ARE still three snakes left in the siding of Grandma’s house.

I will get them, too.