There was once a wolf pup, so playful and so jolly.

He had large paws and floppy ears, and a nose which was his folly.

His nosey nose would often lead that pup straight into danger.

He loved to play, he loved to joke, he would even tease a stranger.


His mama-wolf and papa-wolf would warn him not to stray,

But sometimes little pups forget, and he wandered off to play.

That very day he thought of a mean and naughty plan.

He thought of all the words to say; then to his friends he ran.


“Help, help!” he cried. “A little boy is chasing after me!”

All the wolf pups panicked, and they all began to flee.

For though a dog is man’s best friend, a wolf is surely not.

Men shoot wolves and lay their traps, and sometimes wolves get caught.


It wasn’t any wonder, then, why the pups were so afraid

Of even such a small boy, and the lie that one pup made.

Those wolf pups raced into their dens, calling “Hurry, men are near!”

The whole pack panicked wildly; all were scrambling here and there.


Then that troublesome, naughty pup came marching into sight.

He saw the wolves all crouched in fear and grinned in pure delight.

“What total fools,” he thought with scorn, seeing their distress.

“I’ll have to tell them it’s a joke, for they would never guess.”


Then with glee he told them all how he had tricked them so.

“There was no man behind me; there was no dangerous foe!”

Of course his other playmates were angry and upset.

His mama-wolf and papa-wolf were sad, with much regret.

But even after punishment, that pup would not reform.

He planned and schemed and thought of how to cause yet more alarm.


The next day dawned so bright and clear, so perfect for his plan.

“Come quick!” he called to all his friends. “Come quick, I saw a man!”

And so the act repeated again, the frenzy and the fear.

Again he had to tell them that no man was actually near.


And so it went, day after day, the pup would play his tricks.

It wasn’t long before he saw the problem that predicts

A future full of trouble and a future full of fright.

And this is how it happened on that dark and fateful night:


A town that wasn’t far away had handled quite enough

Of wolves harassing shepherds; the fights were often rough.

The council got together and decided what to do.

It wasn’t long before they saw that fighting would ensue.


Back at the den of sleeping wolves, the pup began to tire

Of waiting for the sun to rise before he could conspire

Of all the mean and wicked things that day he might bring forth.

Then suddenly he heard a sound a-comin’ from the north.


He crouched down low and gave an ear to all the nighttime sounds,

And then he heard what surely was the watch-wolf on his rounds.

But no! The watch-wolf wasn’t there, a-waitin’ by the den.

And then the wolf-pup heard the sound, the footfalls of the men.


The moonlight shone o’er grassy plains, a peace that so denied

The danger waiting ’round the bend, giving no one time to hide.

The wolf pup leaped up to his feet with a howl of dismay.

“The men are here! The men are here! Listen to what I say!”


But alas, the damage had been done; the wolves would not be swayed.

They shut their eyes and closed their ears to the racket the pup made.

With only one thing left to do, the wolf pup turned and ran.

To save his life, he cowed and turned from the dangerous scent of man.


Still to this day the wolf pup runs, no longer in a pack.

He betrayed his friends and family, and now he can’t go back.

The pup who once was playful and loved to seek for strife

Is now a seasoned veteran at running for his life.


Just one mistake cost many lives, of friends and family too.

And now you see why calling “Boy!” is something not to do.

He disobeyed the other wolves, and pushed advice away.

And that is why he’s all alone, still even to this day.