To celebrate the official ending of the school year (the Bergen school year, anyways), I want to post a poem that has to do with…

Yeah, well, I’ll let you find out.



I hate my “easy” grammar. It doesn’t make much sense.

Is it compound noun, collective noun, past or present tense?

I can never seem to wrap my mind around these tiresome things.

Around the tube, or on the tube? She brought the rings or brung the rings?


What good will all this do me? Will I ever even use it?

I think my knowledge is running out; my teacher does abuse it!

Grammar, grammar, what is it? A tool to discourage?

If so it’s working very well; I’m not yet done one page.


I feel so sorry for myself, my head, my addled brain!

Compound adjective, infinitive verb, it’s hard to ascertain.

Noun used as adjective, verbal used as noun.

Stop! Hold on! Just wait a sec! I have to write this down!


My brain is all tied up in knots, my mind is in a maze.

Adjective, adverb, gerund, noun, coherence, verbal phrase.

It’s confusing! It’s a mystery! I can’t even concentrate!

Organization, vivid nouns…Wait! I can fix this, let me demonstrate!


All right! Enough! Another day!

Right now I’m going out to play!