My last post was titled “Up In The Air”.

I am no longer up in the air…I am down to earth once again.

On one of my previous posts, I wrote that some smart person once said that Nebraska has five seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter, and wind. (Who cares if that “some smart person” was me? It sounded more professional that way…)

I also reported that, in my opinion, there was only ONE season in Nebraska, and that is wind.

I changed my mind.

So wind is a big part of Nebraska. But Nebraska only has four seasons, not five. And those four seasons are as follows: Summer, fall, winter, and wind.

Notice I skipped spring.

It’s only fair. Because the year of 2013 skipped spring as well. We went straight from winter to summer. For a little while we actually had some rainy days, which I counted as winter days. It was cold and windy, and several weeks ago I even saw some little white things that may or may not have been snowflakes. 

Well, we have now graduated from winter to summer. Because it was [just barely] over 100 degrees exactly two days ago. I have red, sunburned arms and cheeks, and bubbly blisters on the backs of my ears to prove it.

Yesterday, the weatherman said that the high for today was supposed to be 81 degrees. Right now it is 90. I’ve actually come to consider 80 degrees to be nice and cool. And 70 degrees to be downright freezing!

And now let me pause for a moment while I try to remember where I was going with this.

I don’t remember what my original train of thought was, but I’m guessing that I was just rambling on, just to be able to put something on my blog.

(See, this is why I told you right from the start that you will not come away from every post inspired! The only inspiration you’ll get from this post is to go buy some sun screen.)

So I am once more down to earth, realizing that water balloons and jellybeans and helicopter rides can’t last forever. Life is once more for real, complete with hot wind, sunburns, and bubbly blisters.

And it’s not entirely awful.

Just mostly. 🙂