Okay, I’ll admit it.

I was so excited to have my own blog that I just couldn’t wait to write another post! Even if there is nothing worthwhile to post about.

Which there is.

Because several weeks ago, on Sunday, April 21st, two siblings and I got to go on a road trip all by ourselves.

Yes, you heard right…all by ourselves!!!

Brittany drove, and Brady and I went along to keep her awake. We did a good job, too.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First let me tell you WHY we went on a road trip by ourselves and WHERE.

Why: because we decided it was high time we did something like that. (I’ll explain a little bit more in a minute).

Where: to our cousins’ in Kansas.

Right, so Kansas isn’t that far away from Nebraska…our destination was only four hours away. But hey, we were on our own, and that’s what counts!

It all happened one bright Sunday morning when Brittany and I suddenly remembered that we were missing out on our cousin’s graduation. The graduation was that afternoon, in Kansas, and it takes four hours to get there. We had had other things in Nebraska that called our attention and didn’t allow us to leave in time for it.

For instance, Brittany and I had to sing in church and Mom had to play the piano. One or two days earlier, our Uncle Buck’s amputation surgery was to take place, and we definitely wanted to be in Nebraska for that. So we just decided that we couldn’t make it.

But now it was 12:00 pm on Sunday…the surgery was long over, and our church activities were completed. What if…?

What if Brittany, Brady, and I drove down to Kansas by ourselves and made it to the graduation on time? Wait a minute! Hold on, there! Mom and Dad would never let you go by yourselves…would they?

But if we offered to pay for food and gas, they couldn’t say no! Well, they could…

In the end, our pastor saved us. Actually, I’m not sure if he actually had anything to do with our going to Kansas, but I like to think so. I’ll let you be the judge.

We decided to ask Dad and Mom about it, after they were done talking (and talking and talking) with everyone at church. Our conversation started on our way down the church steps, and our pastor overheard us.

As we all turned to go our separate ways, I called out after Pastor Bob, “Pastor, please pray for us right now. Pray that Mom and Dad will let us go to Kansas.”

He grinned and turned to leave, but we weren’t done with him yet.

“The prayers of a righteous man availeth much!” Brittany quoted, and I added, “This is your test, Pastor. If Dad let’s us go, you are a righteous man. And if not…”

He was a righteous man.

We hurried home, packed, and were pulling out of the driveway by one o’clock. We made it there in three and a half hours instead of four. Whether it is because Brittany drives fast or that we made no stops on the way there, we still have yet to find out.

Since we had told our cousins ahead of time that we couldn’t make it, and since we hadn’t filled them in on our latest plans, they had no idea what we were about to spring on them. If only I could have taken a picture of their shocked reactions when we pulled in the driveway and hopped out of the suburban.

Brady walked into the building where our graduating cousin Matthew was standing, tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Hey, Matthew! Sorry we’re kinda late…”

It was so much fun to be there with friends and family, talking, laughing, playing volleyball, eating skittles.

Even if we did have to head back home the next day.

It was almost like the Narnia chronicles; the four Pevensies are taken away from their world and into Narnia…and when they return to the real world, no time has elapsed and everything is going on just like normal.

When we arrived back in Nebraska, we hopped right back into our normal schedule and life went on.

If it weren’t for the pictures that Brittany has stowed away on her camera, I would hardly believe that we were there at all!

Oh…about pictures…I will put some pictures on this blog, once Brittany gets some newer ones downloaded onto the computer.

Oh, and by the way…

A little bird told me that Pastor Bob received a note shortly after we left for the graduation. It read, Pastor Bob, I always knew you were a righteous man!

And I think I’ll leave you to guess who wrote it!